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Veronica Luna is a senior stylist at Twist Studio Spa in Paso Robles, California.  Veronica finds her career tremendously rewarding because she has an opportunity every day to help others feel better about themselves and bring them happiness. Not only her great cuts or stunning blowouts bring Veronica’s clients to her chair – her warm and caring manner, perhaps attributed to her humble upbringing, makes it for a relaxing and gratifying experience. 


Veronica was born and raised in Santa Maria, California by stay-at-home mother and a father in the farming industry. It was less than glamorous lifestyle growing up, but despite being unfamiliar with anything elegant, she always had a strong drive to the fashion world.  Upon graduating high school, Veronica enrolled in cosmetology school where spent two years learning fundamental hairstyle and cutting techniques.  She obtained her cosmetology license in 2010 and soon after was fortunate enough to enroll as an intern at Twist Studio Spa.  She quickly realized that a stylist’s real education starts on the salon floor.  Veronica excelled as an intern assisting senior stylists and a master colorist at salons in Paso Robles, Malibu, Santa Monica, and Carmel.    After one year of service, Veronica graduated as a stylist and was on the floor doing what she loved.  Her portfolio has since grown rapidly by becoming skilled in a variety of haircuts, color patterns, bridal hair, special occasion up-dos, and blow-out styles.  She also developed a specialty doing vintage hairstyles from the 1920’s and 1930’s. Her enthusiasm and artistic flair for hair takes its inspirations from various sources, from film, art, history and music.


When not working at the salon, Veronica enjoys participating in local fundraiser fashion shows as well as special occasion parties and weddings.  She has also worked behind the scenes for various local photoshoots and movie studios. With aspirations of also becoming professional make-up artists, she continually takes classes to develop these skills and perfect her craft. 


Veronica was recently married and moved to Thousand Oaks, California. She will be splitting time between Twist Studio Spa in Paso Robles and Simone B Salon in Agoura Hills.  Regardless of location or marrital status, she remains committed to delivering the same exemplary service to new and existing clients.


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